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What is Electroneum and How to Get It?

What is Electroneum and How to Get It?

You may not have heard of Electroneum yet, but it looks like we will hear quite a bit soon. It’s been a ‘coin’ lately, digital money is getting into our lives more and more day by day. Most people have invested in bitcoin, leaned back in their seats and are waiting to be. But it is not so easy to deposit money on crypt money. Scaling, calculations can be a bit confusing. Electroneum offers a slightly easier digital currency platform.

What is Electroneum?

Electroneum is a mobile encryption volume that promises to increase the accessibility of cryptographic currencies. The currency was created with the goal of capturing mobile gaming and online gambling markets.

Electroneum’s main goal is the mobile world. Compatible with mobile-friendly, fast transactions and easy micropayments. There is support for all kinds of computers and mobile phones, and you can download electroneons from the phone with an application that you download to your phone.

What is the difference Electroneum?

Richard Els, the founder of Electroneum and an experienced technology entrepreneur, said, “I do not know if you’ve ever tried to buy. It’s really hard to do any shopping with Bitcoin! I realized that what the world needs is an easy money to access and use. We developed Electroneum with an ordinary mobile user in mind. ”

We said that Electroneum was mobile-targeted. The biggest difference and the easiness is here. Apart from that, it plans to offer a more understandable process with a higher total supply than BitCoin.

Electroneum makes rapid microprocessing possible and can be easily transferred between different games, applications, and users. There is a mobile app available for download on Android and Apple phones.

Unlike many cryptographic units based on existing block chains such as Ethereum, there is a self-contained block-chain. The blockchain is based on the source code in the original bitcoin match.

How to Buy Electroneum

You can start by opening an account at Cryptopia. At this time we are only able to login to the system with another coin, such as bitcoin, litecoin, because they only receive payments from New Zealand banks. There is a fixed limit per day. it is because of identity etc. you can start buying and selling without having to send.

You can get bitcoin from any stock market or vehicle that sells bitcoin. You can purchase from direct BitCoin site, btcTurk, paribu etc sites.

All you have to do is to click on the bitcoin icon next to your username in the upper right corner of the cryptopia site and click on the “balance” link before you buy. From there, type btc (bitcoin) in the “search” field and click on the green arrow under the “action” part of the incoming text and copy the code in the section that says “deposit address” in the opening page.

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