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McDonald’s Bitcoin Will Accept?

McDonald’s Bitcoin Will Accept?

A new claim has been put forward about the virtual currency Bitcoin, which has become even more prominent in the last few days, and which is raising its value day by day. The fast-food giant McDonald’s is said to accept Bitcoin as a payment tool next year, the crypto money that is expected to change its classic payment methods globally.

Betway, who is one of the biggest betting companies, has come out with the idea. If the rumor is true, we can say that this development will most like those who prefer the right kind of food. However, there are also opinions that the only company that accepts crypt money is not McDonald’s. As a matter of fact, Betway did not limit the bets on acceptance of Bitcoin to McDonald’s.

Given the odds, the strongest retailer, Argos, stands out as the most anticipated company to accept Bitcoin as a payment instrument towards the end of 2018 with a 4/5 ratio. This rate is 1/3 for British Airways, one of the largest transportation companies. Betway also found Amazon 6/4 on this subject.

So what is the real reason that many betting companies are moving Betway at this point? Betway essentially thinks that the appetite of business circles on Bitcoin is not a real fad and that many people will continue to invest in Bitcoin in the future. That’s precisely the reason why crypto money is going to be a permanent payment method that can not be stopped easily.

Even Betway press spokesman Alan Alger confirms this expectation. Indicating that the daily income earned by Bitcoin is believed to exceed $ 28,000 by the end of 2018, Alger interprets investors’ interest in Bitcoin as an indication that retailers will start accepting crypt money as a payment method.

Although it is not exactly known how many Bitcoins will be made by a Big Mac menu or Happy Meal’s children’s menu, we must also say that the days when product prices will be determined on Bitcoin are not too far away. Let’s see how the next round of virtual money will continue.

So you? You believe that Bitcoin is the result of this eye-catching rise; or do you think that this growth can no longer be prevented?

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