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‘Joke money’ over Bitcoin

‘Joke money’ over Bitcoin

The Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which emerged as a parody in 2013, has reached a record market value.

With the extraordinary increase in bitcoin prices in 2017, the crypto paralegal, which are beginning to attract attention, are being added every day to the so-called ‘altcoin’.

As of January 5, 2018, unit prices increased by 10 percent during the afternoon, rising to 16 thousand 400 dollars. As an alternative to Bitcoin, subconsellers interested in investors are attracted to the new curiosity of the crypto paralla, especially at lower prices.

Bitcoin is one of the subcoins who have different purposes and functions using the same blockbuster technology that even surprised his creator: Dogecoin, a Japanese Shiba Inu dog mascot, created in paradise in 2013.

In 2010, the cryptocurrency that sent a spy on the internet made arise as it was in all crypto months. Dogecoin, which experienced a valuation of 400 percent, reached its highest level at the end of December, reaching $ 0.0107. However, it has been established that users can send money from the internet more easily than the traditional financial system. Today, Dogecoin has exceeded the market value of 1 billion dollars and has risen to the level of 1.17 billion dollars.

Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer, who had been explaining about the subject, said that this “unreasonable” booster was showing the void in the crypto parallels. Patrick Lodder, a dogecoin developer, described the situation as a complete ‘madness’.

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