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Investment expert who knows the rise of Bitcoin: up to 400 thousand dollars

Investment expert who knows the rise of Bitcoin: up to 400 thousand dollars

After Wall Street’s two leading companies started the futures for Bitcoin, the value of the crypto money is close to $ 19,000.

For the US investment expert Ronnie Moas, who predicted the uninterrupted rise of Bitcoin starting at $ 1000, the surprises are not surprising.

“When I gave ‘Al’ advice for Bitcoin, the price was below 500 percent of the current level,” said Moas, founder of Standpoint Research, speaking to CNBC in the US economy channel CNBC.

Expressing that Bitcoin could rise to 300 to 400 thousand dollars in the future, Moas bases its estimate on the supply-demand balance:

“We do not know how much gold reserves are in the world, but we know exactly what the total Bitcoin reserves are, and within two years 300 million people around the world will be looking for Bitcoin.”

The total Bitcoin amount is 21 million. Moas predicts that there will be a significant price increase by continuing to increase the number of people seeking to invest in the crypto money, and “There is a massive supply-demand imbalance, and the price is inevitable as a result.”

Moas’s forecast came on the heels of the world’s largest futures exchange, the Chicago Commercial Teller (CME) futures trading service at Bitcoin.

‘Price rise is not based on the rise’
However, there are some who find Moas’s estimates too optimistic.

Vasu Menon, vice chairman of the Vancouver-based asset management company OCBC, says they find Bitcoin too risky and says, “We do not see a quality foundation to support the price increase in Bitcoin.”

Andrew Bailey, General Manager of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), who regulates and supervises the finance industry in the UK, warned investors in Bitcoin “to be ready to lose all their money”.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight program, Bailey said that neither the central banks nor the government was behind this ‘currency’, so investment in Bitcoin was not safe

Bailey said, “This is not a currency, it’s not regulated in the Bitcoin form, it’s a very volatile commodity in terms of pricing, I want to warn you by looking at what happened last year, and if you want to invest in Bitcoin, be prepared to lose all your money. serious stimulation, “he said.

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