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How much is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is falling fast!

How much is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is falling fast!

Bitcoin, one of the most preferred cryptocurrencies of recent times, started with a decline in the sun. Bitcoin, a currency that attracted everyone’s interest by making a big rise, recorded a big drop in one day. How much is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, we’ve prepared the answer for you. Recently Bitcoin, which attracted everyone’s interest, started the day with a great decline. The crypto, which has been traded over 70-80 thousand bands in recent days, has started to trade between 60-70 thousand bands today with a big decrease.

Bitcoin reliable?

There are different interpretations of experts on whether Bitcoin is reliable. Some view it as a preferred investment tool, while others argue that it is not as reliable as its competence.

Bitcoin has not yet proven to be a reliable currency

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso noted that the crypto money Bitcoin has not yet proven to be reliable and will follow developments in the short term about Bitcoin.

Aso made this statement on the question of journalists about the proposal for an interview with France’s G20 countries on France’s control and regulation of virtual money.

“There is no fixed definition as to whether Bitcoin is a currency,” said Aso after the cabinet meeting.

“It has not yet been proven that it is reliable enough to be a currency, so I have to watch some more,” Aso said.

Aso indicated that virtual currencies could be used extensively in countries like China, but less common in Japan where reserve currencies such as the dollar or euro are preferred.

Bitcoin prices have increased more than 1,700 percent since the beginning of the year, and the price has triggered balloon concerns.

Futures Bitcoin contracts begin trading at CME Group

The virtual currency Bitcoin futures contracts are now being traded in CME Group, the world’s largest stock exchange operator.

CME Group, which operates in New York, Chicago, and London stock exchanges, has processed Bitcoin contracts with maturities of January, February, March and June 2018.

Experts described Bitcoin trades as being the cornerstone for virtual currencies to be processed by CME Group, the world’s largest stock exchange operator.

Bitcoin’s futures contracts are 19 thousand 150 dollars, February futures contracts are 19 thousand 240 dollars, March futures contracts are 19 thousand 340 and June futures contracts are 19 thousand 300 dollars.

It is worth noting that these numbers are above the price of Bitcoin in the spot market. Bitcoin’s spot price is around 18,664.94 USD at 20.00 CET.

The futures contracts of the virtual currency began to be traded on the CBOE stock exchange in Chicago last week.

It is anticipated that the start of Bitcoin’s trading in futures will help turn virtual currency into a more stable investment vehicle.

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