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Have you heard of DogecoinDark before?

Have you heard of DogecoinDark before?

Experienced entrepreneurs and fraudulent guys in bull markets, such as the crypto money market, have adopted a number of creative approaches to creating value for their projects

Entrepreneurs and fraudulent guys in bull market, such as the crypto money market, have adopted a number of creative approaches to creating value for their projects. Such a method, which has been shown very successfully in recent times, is an act of re-branding.

If you have not joined the crypto money market at least two years ago, you never know what DogecoinDark (DOGED) is. At the same time, however, everyone has at least some information about Verge (XVG), which is today’s name. The verge is just the renamed version of DogecoinDark – the same money, the same protocol, the new name, the new logo. In fact, the truth is, as you may have heard, Verge’s master developer is the same person.

Those who are skeptical of the XVG agree that something beyond the last great rise, highly successful marketing, is the end result, especially towards new investors.

Critics of Verge argue that even though Coin is laid to be confidential, it does not really protect the privacy of its users. With a market volume of over $ 2.5 billion, the second highest concentration of coin after Monero. However, Verge’s privacy functions only apply to concealing IP addresses in the process. Ironically, this is the main function of another coin called DeepOnion, which Verge’s chief developer has criticized as “No privacy software”. For example, Monero completely masks out the IP addresses, wallets and transaction details.

Verge supporters claim that Coin will have many more privacy capabilities once the Wraith protocol is released. However, the last three dates for the publication of the Wraith came.

Many teams, such as Verge, adopt marketing-driven approaches as a means of creating value for their projects and earning personal profits. Also, many teams like Verge are chosen to “re-brand” coins. There are a lot of advantages to doing this, the only disadvantage being that it is only falling in the eyes of serious investors. The money can save past road maps that reveal unsuccessful promises when rebranding. In addition, they can apply the same sales pitch to an entirely new crowd. Beyond that, it serves as a source of numbness and excitement that does not require anything else.

In addition to Verge, the last big pumps, such as those in Einsteinium and Experience Points, have been created since re-branding coins. Unfortunately, new investors are not aware of previous versions of these coins and are unaware of the bad performance they have seen in the past. Prior to renaming in January 2016, DogecoinDark ranks 125th on and trades with a market share slightly above $ 100,000. Of course, subcoins have generally gained tremendous value, but Verge has grown disproportionately without technical progress.

Do your research

Before investing in the latest craze, do some research and check whether the coin is in the second or third version. Before deciding to buy, take a look to see how successful it was before it was renamed.

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