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Everyone Focused on Blockchain .. What Happens at IOTA?

Everyone Focused on Blockchain .. What Happens at IOTA?

Among the most curious topics of recent times are IOTA. Below you can find this delightful article from İsmail Ömer Polat. You can find the detailed article about IOTA from this link.

IOTA CryptoPara, which uses Tangle technology developed by BlockChain instead of its own, has been the focus of digital investors with its high price performance in recent days. What is the reason for this interest in IOTA?

A few weeks ago, following an interview with the “Eurasia BlockChain Summit” organized by Eurasia BlockChain and the Digital Money Research Association, an audience approaching the question, asked “Ismail hocam, what do you think about IOTA?” My friends or social network followers who are interested in investing in BitCoin / CryptoParsa know: I approach and comment on CryptoPara as someone who closely monitors the digital transformation of the financial world, not as a financial or investment expert. I thought this was a similar question, but I did not give him any investment advice, but the younger insisted, “My husband, I did not ask to ask for advice, it’s such a CryptoParki …” he began by saying and explained how IOTA is a different concept.

I have to admit that IOTA was a CryptoPara that I followed up with until now and did not have any details at all. But the excitement of my younger friend grew enthusiastic about me as well and I did a little research on IOTA.

If the information provided by their own site is needed, or if they briefly summarize the analysis of IOTA in social media, IOTA, which was established and developed by David Sonstebo and Dominik Schiener in 2014 and developed into CryptoPara market in August when we passed CryptoParty (ICO), was developed as “CryptoPara” developed in order to fulfill the exchange function of “Internet of Things” We can describe. This direction differs from general purpose parcels like BitCoin. But this is not the only separation; More importantly, BitCoin and Derivative CryptoParalarının “core-free and open crypto operation book” function (different from them) is developed not by BlockChain technology, but by the technology that Tangle has developed. Tangle sees the same functions as BlockChain but differs from it by making CryptoPara from scratch and giving it to the market in 2.7 quadrillion pieces. At this point, CryptoPara mining has been removed and other transaction confirmations have begun to be made by the users, and the transaction fees with this new method are gone.

IOTA is actually positioning itself as a centerless marketplace that will facilitate data exchanges between intelligent Internet objects. On this page IOTA, for example;

If you are an electronics manufacturer, you can shop directly from the refrigerator market. If you are an automotive company, your smart car will be able to make payments directly and quickly, such as gasoline purchase, repair, highway passage, car SIM card billing, etc. Or training with an online training platform, or collective audiences, and you can make payments over CryptoPara-based smart contracts and flexible from group discount to installment, and even redirect these payments to intelligent payment systems running on intelligent electricity or Internet counters with the power of “pay as much as you use”.
In fact, all these intelligent Internet objects, all of which can be done individually and in separate standards, aim to bring consumers directly to the producer / service provider by removing the purchasing operations through IOTA’s own standards and all intervening intermediaries.

Undoubtedly this is a very, very big target. Already the founders are expressing these visions: “In the field of Internet objects, it will be everything or nothing!”

Here, IOTA announced plans for this vision, starting from 2014, in a planned manner, with a platform where Bosch, Fujitsu, Deutsche Telekom are already working with over 100 small brands. After this announcement last week, the price of IOTA has risen to rocket speed literally, and a few weeks ago the price, which is well under $ 1, went up to $ 5.5. But then the wind began to break, both as a result of the alleged deal-related distortion of the news and doubts about the cryptographic security of Tangle technology.

It is difficult to predict whether IOTA will go down in the forthcoming period or whether they can imagine what they imagine or they will go out like a balloon, but IOT-CryptoPara related to their destructive-innovative vision and mindset they put forth.

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