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Bitcoin’s Real Creator Appears: Craig Wright

Bitcoin’s Real Creator Appears: Craig Wright

The real creator of Bitcoin, the virtual currency system that was eventually expected and accepted worldwide, explained himself with ‘proofs’.

Australian business man Craig Wright, who has been hiding behind Satomi Nakamoto’s name for years, has finally revealed his identity, confirming that Bitcoin’s long-time users and software developer Bitcoin is owned by Craig Wright, a part of the community expects more evidence from Wright.

Bitcoin, the virtual currency that allows money to be sent to people anywhere in the world without the need for approval from any institution, has become increasingly popular and has become legal by many companies and institutions. However, Nakamoto, a long-time writer, said that Wright Bitcoin, who worked with the name, explained his identity because he wanted to put an end to the controversial debate.

Bitcoin was founded in 2009 under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, who made a personal statement on the subject, “I assure you that I have been idle for many years, since the first days of Bitcoin, I have devoted myself to investigating everything, even if I have introduced myself to the public Satoshi name. I was quiet but I did not want to work with an unusual group and share what we were ready to do and not work wonderfully ”

Satoshi died but that’s just the beginning. ”

The GQ showed technical information about the Wright Bitcoins that simultaneously explains the identity of the Economist and the BBC, as well as the digital information of the first Bitcoin money transfer, as evidence for broadcasters.

Wright’s identity has long been among Craig Wright’s controversial, even more, prominent creators in his research on New Yorker, Newsweek’s research paper on the subject, and technology magazines like Wired, Gizmondo, and Bitcoin’s creators. Even so, the Australian financial police had raided the house of Wright and described the raid as an investigation into tax evasion that had taken a long time.

It’s just the beginning, Wright said, not wanting money or fame, and expressed that he did not want to be Bitcoin’s face.

In a statement to the BBC, Wright said: “I explained my identity because there has been a growing pressure on me in recent times. I did not want the people I love to be negatively affected by the unruly rumors. I would not disclose my identity if I had to. I do not want fame. I do not want money. Just leave me on my own, “he said.

Noting that he will not make any announcements on TV or social media anymore, Wright has 15.5 million Bitcoins in circulation right now. If the average value of a Bitcoin is US $ 449, Wright will have a fortune of $ 450 million.

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