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Bitcoin and Donation

Bitcoin and Donation

One of the best things to do with Bitcoin is to be able to help other people easily. According to Newsbtc, the cancer research center Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, also known as the Meso Foundation, announced that it has begun collecting donations using Bitcoin to fund cancer surveys in the week. Melinda Kotzian, CEO of Meso Foundation, says that more and more businesses accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, emphasizing that it is important for them to take such a decision as a profit-making institution. For the fundraising process, donations can be made to the account of the company working with Bitpay via

Bitcoin; In addition to being used as a payment system, currency or investment instrument, it is also an indication of its versatile utility as a means of collecting funds. Openness and transparency that can not be achieved with traditional fundraising methods can be achieved with crypto money very easily. The fact that the amounts collected can be seen by everyone can prevent abuse and does not leave a question mark of the donor. It should not be overlooked that all donation systems will undergo a radical change with Bitcoin in the near future.

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