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Awkings acted early for Bitcoin

Awkings acted early for Bitcoin

Entrepreneurs have recently officially registered trademarks in the name of “Bitcoin”, which has gained a big boost. We soon see products with “Bitcoin cafe”, “Bitcoin detergent”, “Bitcoin shampoo” brands.

Bitcoin name is going to be in other places in my life. To invest in Bitcoin, 33 applications to the Ministry of Science, Science and Technology of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Association 33 applications. It was first rejected by the institution in 2013. However, entrepreneurs continued to erode the gate of the institution. In the same year, it was accepted as a registered request of the person who applied to use the brand in the production of “all kinds of protective materials for inside-outwear, socks, yak clothes, head clothes”. There are also field entrepreneurs for animals and medicines and medicines for people to make carton boxes. Especially in the last month of last year, it is seen that the application for trademark registration is increasing.


In order to operate in the textile sector, the businessman adds “Bitcoin” in the name of the applicant and enters the businessmen with a three-month approval. The Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority will issue an approval letter in the Official Trademark Bulletin after a similarity study. However, not all applications are passed on. For example, the application for the construction services, the construction equipment and the rental services of the work machines came to the institution and the application of the company was rejected.


Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and a bank Bitcoin number one brand in Turkey for the billing document, the Central Bank has made application for registration. The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology approved the application to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The bank has also added the name of its platform, which provides its own digital banking service, to the registration process. The bank also provides entry cards for sports competitions.

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